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Our Affiliate Program

Earn real money with our products ..while you chill.

With Shellsoftware you have the chance to earn real money by simply providing friends or strangers a personalized link to our website. Every time someone makes a purchase through your link on our website you earn money. Interested? Find more details below in our FAQ!

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What do I have to do to earn money?

All you have to do is register below and advertise your affiliate link. Our website will automatically create your own personal affiliate link. If you send this link to friends or others who might be interested in our products and they make a purchase on our website, you get 20% of the sale(s) made. You can see all sales made through your link in your personal dashboard.

What’s an Affiliate Link? How does that work?

An affiliate link is a custom website URL that contains the affiliates username. Through website cookies it’s possible to track purchases/sales coming through that affiliate link. This way we can count and display sales which were made through that specific website link and assign those to single users/affiliates. Imagine it as your own personal shop-link.

How do I receive the money I made?

In order to receive your cut of the sales made through your affiliate link, you simply open up a support ticket on our Discord server (choose ‘affiliate’ as ticket topic), provide your affiliate username and your preferred payment method (Paypal or Crypto). The minimum payout amount is 10$ and you can request a payout once a week.

How do I advertise my affiliate link?

How and where you advertise your affiliate link is totally up to you. You are your own boss. You may advertise through a Youtube video where you showcase our product, recommend it to friends or make people aware in cheating forums. Every customer who buys a product through your affiliate link will generate you money.