DriveFormator PRO


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DriveFormator PRO


Our DriveFormator PRO helps you cleaning up drives/flash drives within a single click.

Format SSDs, HDDs, USB sticks within a single click. No complicated setup needed. Choose the format you want it being exported to and that’s it!
Our DriveFormator PRO makes sure that your (flash) drives get formatted within seconds, ready to be used in any drive format you wish.

Automatically format your (flash) drives as NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT or EXT4!


DriveFormator PRO Features


❶ Scan for all plugged in hard and flash drives showing all details and format systems

❷ Verify drives with a single click to scan for error or opimization options

❸ Copy and migrate drives to another format with a single click

❹ Format and convert drives into a new format (NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT or EXT4) within seconds

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