Security & ToS

Shell Software SECURITY

Shell Software uses a Kernel level Bypass to stay undetected. Our Loader’s security is above the industry standard.
Please visit the cheats status page before purchasing!

Shell Software TOS (TERMS OF USE)

Please be aware:
No cheat is undetectable. Detections can result in your game account getting banned.
Shell Software always strives to keep each cheat as undetected as possible. However, cheating always involves a risk.
With buying our products you agree that you’ve read and understood the risks which come with cheating.
Shell Software, at its sole discretion, may choose to issue a refund for a fee paid to for a product or service offered by Shell Software, typically when a hardware or software incompatibility is identified that cannot be addressed.
It is your responsibility to review any system requirements that may be defined and verify that you meet said requirements.
This refund policy will be voided if the payment has been done with any crypto currencies. If you purchase a product or service with crypto currencies, no refunds are possible.

We are not responsbile for the loss of any accounts.
Your game account is your responsibility. If you are afraid of losing high value accounts, it’s recommended to not cheat at all.